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Visit to the Ardbeg Distillery

Visit to the Ardbeg Distillery


Photo report […]

A few days ago we had here a post explaining how to get to Isle of Islay (sorry in Polish only), and then tasting impressions of Ardbeg Supernova SN2015 Committee Release. We must therefore follow the blow, so today photorelation from a visit to the Ardbeg Distillery. During this years visit to Ardbeg I decided on two tours: Bog Off and Bicentenary Evening Tour. The first was to march up the island, by layers of peat, to the water source of the distillery. In fact there are two sources: Loch Arinambeast and Loch Uigedail. Due to the hunting season for deer, we have not reached directly those sites. Instead, we went to the ruins of Solam. Apparently, the sailors brought to this place plague that eliminated the inhabitants of this village. During the trip we had lunch and we were offered a number of uncharacteristic drams, including Very Young, Still Young, Almost There, Perpetuum. The second was a distillery tour with Jackie Thompson – manager of Ardbeg’s Visitor Center. Its a very interesting tour of the distillery when there are no crowds of people, everywhere you can safely look, freely ask about everything. Of course, it was not without tasting, we started with New Make Spirit, by Aligator, Perpetuum, up to single casks from ’90, and 1976 sherry cask. Here is my photorelation. [caption id=attachment_4990 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Distillery[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4991 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Distillery[/caption]   [caption id=attachment_4992 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Distillery[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4993 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Distillery[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4994 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Bog Off[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4995 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Bog Off[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4996 align=alignnone width=801] Ardbeg Bog Off[/caption] [caption id=attachment_4997...

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