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High West Whiskey Bourye

High West Whiskey Bourye


Utah Whiskey […]

With age, the time is running faster or all that is good soon ends, you could endlessly cite this type of wisdom. I just got back from vacation, hence the mood. That is why it may be worth a moment to reminisce. I was in the US, most the time in Utah - beautiful national parks and this kind of stuff. Really very nice, peaceful area, worth exploring and returning. I would not be myself if I didn’t look at the liquor stores from time to time. And there is a surprise ... the lack of whisky ... That’s the story. Only beer was available. One day, with more time available with help came the Internet and pointed to the right place. Basically in Utah strong alcohol may not be sold in cities with larger population concentrations. It is available only in specialty stores far away from people. Coming to one of them, I felt like a conspirator, as if I had been involved in a secret operation. Interesting ;). Fortunately, in the shop everything was okay and probably legal. A large selection of wines and spirits, including made in Poland, some malts and bourbons. I was looking for something local and found High West Whiskey from Park City, Utah. So I have here Bourye - a blend of straight whiskers with a minimum age of 9 years, 46% ABV, natural color and not chill filtered. [caption id=attachment_7423 align=alignnone width=1920] High West Whiskey Bourye[/caption] C: amber; N: less intrusive than classic Bourbons, but of course sweet with caramel, coconut, and a pinch of pepper, after a while also comes peach, apricot, rhubarb and hard candy; T: of course, first of all sweet, with coconut, caramel and toffee, but also with a pinch of pepper, after a moment the fruits emerge, young orange and its peel, peach, quince and apricot, glimpses of coffee, cappuccino; F: medium long, still sweet with traces of coffee. Score: 80. High West Whiskey Bourye is an interesting proposition, quite one directional, sweet, but also with appearing fruits. Generally it...

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My whisky collection Testing / Tasting Travel
(80 points)

  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed 112.8 Proof 56.4% ABV

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed 112.8 Proof 56.4% ABV


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (86 points)

    Barrel Proof

    Wild Turkey probably does not need to be presented to anyone, on our pages we have hosted the classic Wild Turkey 81 and Russell’s Reserve Small Batch 10 years old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Today tasting impressions of Rare Breed, which is characterized by bottling with the power of the barrel - Barrel Proof - 112.8 Proof, 56.8% ABV. So we have one of the most natural versions, as I like. [caption id=attachment_7280 align=alignnone width=1920] Wild Turkey Rare Breed 112.8...

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  • Visit to the Kozuba and Sons Distillery

    Visit to the Kozuba and Sons Distillery



    Photo report

    Do you remember the first Polish single malt - Prologue or 100% rye whisky Mr. Rye? These products comes from a Polish producer Kozuba and Sons. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Rye received 91 points in the Jim Murrays Whisky Bible 2017. Interesting ... for quite a few years, Kozuba and Sons have company in Jabłonki near Nidzica (Poland) and I have never managed to visit it, finally had to go across the Atlantic to see a new distillery in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. By the way this is...

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  • Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

    Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (77 points)

    Tennessee Whiskey

    Jack Daniels is an American product that comes from Lynchburg, Tennessee, hence Tennessee Whiskey. Jack has already appeared on the blog on the occasion of the acquisition by Dom Whisky in Jastrzębia Góra whole barrel (link to the post about it). Jack Daniels Old No. 7 - we all well know it, its popularity in Poland continues to grow and you can often meet it at all events, with coke, ice and other more sophisticated drinks. Today I decided to see how it tastes without watering down....

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  • Wild Turkey 81 Proof

    Wild Turkey 81 Proof


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (78 points)

    Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Heres to the Bourbons that are already on the blog (Jim Beam, Makers Mark) joins Wild Turkey 81 Proof - 40.5% ABV. [caption id=attachment_4572 align=alignnone width=801] Wild Turkey 81 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey[/caption] C: gold; N: same sweet, vanilla, honey, caramel, toffee, a good dose of candied fruits, mainly cherries, hard candies, some dried plums, boiled corn while were at Bourbon;), and further oranges, orange peel; T: lightly at first, but...

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  • Maker’s Mark

    Maker’s Mark


    My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (84 points)

    Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

    So far, here appeared only one Bourbon and it was a classic Jim Beam. Time for another representative from Kentucky, Makers Mark. Recently, in the world of Bourbon became loud, as the manufacturer intended to reduce the ABV. However, because of the criticism, they decided to leave 45% ABV. Bravo, a company that listens to its customers. Probably the main reason for trying to reduce the ABV was, present also in the Scotch or Japanese whisky, growth in demand and declining stocks. The price...

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  • Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

    Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


    Testing / Tasting
    (76 points)

    Jim Beam is a bourbon, produced in Clermont, Kentucky

    [caption id=attachment_1224 align=alignnone width=801] Jim Beam[/caption] Today I decided to write a review of smtg widely accesible and affordeable. Jim Beam had been choosen. It is said that distillery was founded in 1795. Now belongs to the Beam Inc., the owner aslo of e.g. Laphroaig, Ardmore, Connemara, Teachers and Canadian Club. [caption id=attachment_1225 align=alignnone width=801] Jim Beam[/caption] Classical version of Jim Beam, matures 4 years in new American...

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