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Karuizawa Spirit of Asama, 55% ABV

Karuizawa Spirit of Asama, 55% ABV


Karuizawa […]

As it probably is my last post in 2016, lets say for Christmas and New Year, I decided to dedicate it to the tasting impressions of a single malt from closed, already legendary distillery from Japan. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I give you Karuizawa Spirit of Asama, 55% ABV (you can meet also bottlings with less power). This is not a single cask, Karuizawa is known right know, which gain record prices at auctions. We have a combination of barrels from European sherry oak. The content was distilled in 1999 and 2000, that is in the final years of production, bottling took place in 2012. We can talk about approx. 12 years of maturation. Color is natural and there was no chill filtration, what I conclude from haziness after adding water. [caption id=attachment_6809 align=alignnone width=1920] Karuizawa Spirit of Asama, 55% ABV[/caption] Other blog posts associated with the liquors from this distillery include: Karuizawa 1964 48 years old, Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183, Memories of Karuizawa 1999, 13 years old, cask 879, Kruizawa 1981, cask 2042, Karuizawa 1976, cask 7818, Whisky Live Paris 2013 part 2 – I recommend these posts to all interested in the distillery. C: deep, darker amber; N: of course sherry, sweet with dates, figs, further dried fruits, prunes, fruit compote, cooked apples and pears, fruits cake, candied fruits, orange peel, interesting - despite the 55% ABV there is no greater alcohol irritation, rhubarb, ripe orange, red orange, grapefruit, peach and dried apricot, mint and lemon balm, chocolate (After Eight maybe), capucciono, from time to time traces of ash, dusty cabinets, leather armchair, toasted wood and distant smoke; intense and healthy; a few drops of water strengthens all the previous tones, perhaps it is more mineral, also with more leather, smoke, toasted wood, but also caramel, toasted sugar - still beautiful; T: here power is more perceptible, some tweaks to the tongue, whisky quickly fills and envelops the...

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My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
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  • Whisky Legend 2016

    Whisky Legend 2016


    Miscellanea Testing / Tasting
    (94 points)

    Blind tasting in Warsaw

    Two weeks ago, oh how time flies ... I had the pleasure to participate in the Whisky Legend 2016 tasting organized by Daniel and Grzegorz from Whiskymywife. Leitmotif was Port Ellen versus the rest - only closed distilleries. Convention the same as at Whisky Legend 2015 - blind tasting. Information about what, in what order we drank was revealed at the end. Below I present my basic tasting impressions, but I didnt write everything during the event, in effect, records are not able to cast...

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  • Karuizawa 1964, 48 years old

    Karuizawa 1964, 48 years old


    Testing / Tasting
    (96 points)

    For Wealth Solutions, Poland

    Karuizawa is one of my favorite distillery. It has appeared on the blog many times before. I also mentioned about Karuizawa 1964 for Wealth Solutions, eg. at this link. I posted there a video about the launch of this single malt, I recommend it as an introduction to this post. [caption id=attachment_4462 align=alignnone width=801] Karuizawa 1964[/caption] Karuizawa 1964 was distilled on 1st August 1964 and bottled on 24th December 2012 roku, with 57,7% ABV. Whisky matured 48 years...

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  • Hibiki 17 years old

    Hibiki 17 years old


    Testing / Tasting
    (85 points)

    in Airbus A340

    For the end of posts related to my recent stay in Japan I left the last whisky partly tasted in the Land of the Rising Sun. Partly, because in the plane on the way back to Europe. [caption id=attachment_4239 align=alignnone width=801] Airbus A340[/caption] Whisky on Japanese airports has a relatively low prices in comparison to those appearing in stores. Unfortunately, I did not buy there any large bottle, I flew to Gdansk via Munich, where on the security check I would have to...

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  • Hakushu NAS

    Hakushu NAS


    Testing / Tasting
    (81 points)

    On Sakurajima volcano

    After a relation from the visit to the Chichibu Distillery, lets stay for a moment in Japan. This time we will go to the south to the island of Kyushu, to the active volcano Sakurajima approx. 1117 m above sea level, located in the neighborhood of Kagoshima city. [caption id=attachment_4216 align=alignnone width=801] Hakushu NAS, Sakurajima, Kyushu[/caption] It was there that I made my tasting of the latest product from Hakushu, NAS (no age statement) version, bottled with 43%...

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  • Visit to the Chichibu Distillery

    Visit to the Chichibu Distillery


    Miscellanea Travel

    Young Japanese distillery

    Its time to come back to Japan for the moment. After a relation from the visit to the Yamazaki, the oldest Japanese distillery, today perhaps the youngest - Chichibu. Ichiro Akuto gave life to this distillery, the grandson of the founder of the now-defunct Hanyu distillery - Isouji Akuto. Production has started here in February 2008. Previously they released some blends using stocks of Hanyu. We already have on the blog Chichibu The First and Chichibu Port Pipe. I have tasted their other...

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  • Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery

    Tasting in Yamazaki Distillery


    Testing / Tasting Travel

    After visting, tasting.

    Previously I presented a photo report of Yamazaki Distillery visit. As it happens in decent distilleries, on site you can make tasting. Usually only basic single malt releases are available. In Yamazaki it was a lot more interesting. While the distillery tour, of course, we were offered Yamazaki NAS and Hakushu NAS - given in popular in Japan way, ie. with plenty of ice or for tough guys without dilution. Hesitantly, but I decided to let go my purism and check the ice version. Very tasty,...

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  • Visit to the Yamazaki Distillery

    Visit to the Yamazaki Distillery


    Miscellanea Travel

    At the source of Japanese whisky

    Japanese whisky has been long close to my palate. The largest Japanese company producing whisky is Suntory, having in their resources the oldest distillery Yamazaki. I wrote an article about the beginnings of Japanese whiskey (it is here but in Polish only). The blog also hosted Yamazaki 10 years old and 18 years old. Yamazaki is located in the village of the same name, a short distance from Osaka and Kyoto. Thus, being close it is worth to visit the distillery. You have to remember that...

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  • Tasting of Chichibu Port Pipe, Kornog, Ardmore 1992/2013

    Tasting of Chichibu Port Pipe, Kornog, Ardmore 1992/2013


    Bars Testing / Tasting Travel

    In The Auld Alliance Singapore

    While my last visit in The Auld Alliance Singapore I let myself to do a little tasting. All the single malts were presented naturally: cask strength, natural colour. Below are my basic tasting impressions. I started with Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Port Pipe, distilled in 2009, bottled in 2013, 54,5% ABV, bottle no. 1400 out of 4200. C: light amber; N: quite fresh, winey, red grapefruit, accents of just cut wood, quite sweet with hard candy; S: feels quite thick, tweaks on the tongue,...

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  • Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old

    Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old


    Miscellanea My whisky collection Testing / Tasting
    (80 points)

    On Czolpinska Dune

    In one of the last weekends father in law visited me. Summer is in full so we decided not to waste time and spend it actively. We chose to take a trip to the Slowinski National Park, namely to Czolpinska Dune, located on the west side of Lebsko Lake. I believe that this is one of the most interesting places on the coast, where there are not many tourists. Upon arrival at the car park we walked about 2 km through the forest, until we reached the dunes. Czolpińska Dune is quite high, about 40...

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