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Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old

Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old


On Czolpinska Dune.

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In one of the last weekends father in law visited me. Summer is in full so we decided not to waste time and spend it actively. We chose to take a trip to the Slowinski National Park, namely to Czolpinska Dune, located on the west side of Lebsko Lake. I believe that this is one of the most interesting places on the coast, where there are not many tourists. Upon arrival at the car park we walked about 2 km through the forest, until we reached the dunes. Czolpińska Dune is quite high, about 40 meters above sea level, while varied, alternately we were going up the hill to go down for a while. After several such series, we felt that on the hill we will see the sea, but we got the next valley and hill. And finally, a relatively short passage through the forest and prize – a beautiful, wide, empty beach. Despite the high air temperature the water in the Baltic Sea was very brisk.

czołpino, wydma

Czolpinska Dune


Czolpinska Dune

czolpino, taketsuru

Czolpinska Dune

On the road you should bring plenty of water and something to snack on. Besides we were accompanied by 180 ml bottle of Taketusuru Pure Malt 12 years old.
Taketsuru name comes from the father of Japanese whisky and founder of Nikka Whisky, Masataka Taketsuru. Pure malt is a mixture of different single malts, actually you can meet more often blended malt or vatted malt expression. On the blog I have already described this type of whisky, and it was a Johnny Walker Green Label. In Taketsuru Pure Malt we deal with whisky from both Nikka’s Japanese single malt distillieries, Yoichi and Miyagiykyo.

wydma czołpińska

Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old

Wydma Czołpińska

Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old

taketsuru, wydma czołpińska

Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old

Taketsuru Pure Malt 12 years old, 40% ABV, tasting impressions.

N: sweet with cookies, honey, lots of raisins, a little of plum in chocolate, baked apples, pleasant,

T: corresponds to the nose, sweet with raisins, baked apples, pears, cake with plums, there are also astringent tannins, later bitterness intensifies, but it is not overwhelming,

F: medium long with bitterness.

Score: 80.

Decent whisky. There is nothing particularly impressive or extensive, but it creates a nice overall impression.

In the evening, the nature gave us a beautiful sunset over Lebsko Lake and Czolpinska Dune.

Wydma Czołpińska

Sunset in Żarnowska

Comments (2)

  1. jerzy

    29 July 2014 / 11:09

    Jako degustator w/w „buteleczki zgodziłbym się z określeniem „wody życia” dodałbym Japońskiej doskonałości

    • LukLovesWhisky

      6 August 2014 / 20:45

      “Woda życia” na pewno, ale do doskonałości to trochę brakuje 😉


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