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Lukloveswhisky 18 years old

Lukloveswhisky 18 years old


My own blended whisky.

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Today tasting notes of created by myself blend Lukloveswhisky 18 years old. The circumstances of making it I described in the previous post.

For the record blend was created in Grant’s Blending Room and consists of six components: 1 grain whisky and 5 single malts. I decided on the following proportions: Rich Grain 30%, Sweet Malt 10%, Floral Malt 10%, Robust Malt 20%, Spicy Malt 20% and Peated Malt 10%. In the final effect we have 18 years old, natural colour, unchillfiltered and cask strength ab. 58-60%.

Grant's Blending Room

Lukloveswhisky 18 years old blended whisky

Lukloveswhisky 18 years old blended whisky

Lukloveswhisky 18 years old blended whisky

Lukloveswhisky 18 years old blended whisky fot. Karolina Mikiewicz

Lukloveswhisky 18 years old blended whisky fot. Karolina Mikiewicz

C: amber,

N: cookies, milk chocolate, white chocolate, further – ripe red fruit and hungarian plum, some toffee and citrus, deeper: gentle touch of peat with a slight spiciness, water liberates a large dose of citruses,

T: fast growing, quite oily, a lot of toffee interwoven with pepper, dark chocolate, oak notes and a touch of peat, with the time – ripe and overripe fruits appear: pears, bananas and apples, also plums in chocolate and grapefruit, after adding water more bitterness, reinforcing fruits, more apple and pear,

F: long with grapefruit and light bitterness.

As I have composed this whisky I will not admit its any specific points. I am tempted just to say that it is very good. To complete happiness I would add more Peated Malt.

Creating your own blended whisky is a very interesting experience. Such experiments can be performed either by yourself at home, starting from mixing of 2-3 single malts. Eg. light Lowland with Speyside matured in sherry casks with good peated one from Islay. That will make you a very nice blended malt. Good luck!

Comments (2)

  1. Jan van den Ende

    18 December 2013 / 22:04

    Very Nice Lucasz! I have tried it at home a couple of times and it’s real fun. Merry Christmas!

    • LukLovesWhisky

      23 December 2013 / 20:18

      Thank you Jan. Merry Christmas to you too.


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