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Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183

Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183


42 years of maturation.

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Some time ago, I took the opportunity and bought a bottle of Karuizawa 1969 Cask 8183, ex-bourbon cask, 61.3% ABV. Of course, we have a natural colour, un-chillfiltered, cask strength and single cask – the quintessence of whisky. Distilled in December 1969, bottled in April 2012. Single malt was matured in bourbon casks, which is quite unusual for this distillery.
I haven’t made any decision what I’ll do with it. However, when I open it, it will be a special occasion.

Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183, ex-bourbon cask

Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183, ex-bourbon cask

During Whisky Fair Limburg in 2014 I came across an open bottle of this Karuizawa and of course I secured a sample to make a quiet tasting at home. Here are my impressions:

Whisky Fair Limburg

Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183, ex-bourbon cask

C: dark amber, oily,

N: nose is intense, sweet with honey, herbs are clearly marked, further some syrup notes (for cough), heather and vanilla, beautifull; I could not cease sniffing it; traces of mint and melissa, over the time there are touches of fruits – peaches and nectarines, ripe bananas, ripe cherries; the addition of water strengthens the aromas and highlights the herbs, mint and melissa, I get also ginger biscuits, it seems to me that it gets less sweet,

T: I can feel the power, whisky is spreading rapidly in the mouth and embeds like a hoarfrost, very warming, lots of fruits, in the foreground ripe cherries, also ginger spark on the tongue, plum in chocolate, strong tea, a significant portion of bitterness (maybe even too much), the addition of water, for which there is lots of space, enhances the listed accents, it becomes quite dry,

F: very long with cherries and sweet cherries, drying,

Score: 92.

Lovely nose, encouraging to sniff, I devoted to it almost an hour, then I started to taste. Well balanced and complex. I am happy to found this Karuizawa while Whisky Fair Limburg 2014.

Karuizawa 1969, Cask 8183, ex-bourbon cask

Whisky Fair Limburg Karuizawa 1969

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    • LukLovesWhisky

      17 June 2014 / 07:11

      Tak znam. 🙂


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