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Glenfarclas 1953 and Karuizawa 1964 for Poland

Glenfarclas 1953 and Karuizawa 1964 for Poland


Wealth Solutions Company from Warsaw known for interesting investment ideas presented Glenfarclas 1953 and Karuizawa 1964 for Poland.



In 2011 Wealth Solutions Company presented to it’s clients the oldest single malt whisky expression from Glenfarclas Distillery. 58 years old beauty. It is great event in the Whisky World, not only in Poland.

Link to done later separate post on Glenfarclas 1953.

Here’s the Youtube link to that event.

Bringing to the Poland the oldest whisky from Glenfarclas did not lulled Wealth Solutions Company and in 2012 Japanese Karuizawa has arrived to Warsaw.

Karuizawa is one of my favourites distilleries. It was established in 1956 and unfortunately no longer exists. Thus, all of its releases are historical rarities. Left resources of Karuizawa belong to Number One Drinks Company, managed by the Polish-roots whisky enthusiast Martin Miller.

This Karuizawa’s Box is made from an old Polish oak extracted from the swamps, which combines with the original name of the whisky, which last character in the kanji is just a swamp.

Here’s the Youtube link to that event.

I wonder what will Wealth Solutions bring this year?

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