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SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia i 33.131 Ardbeg

SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia i 33.131 Ardbeg


W Warszawskiej Pijalni Whisky.

Bars Testing / Tasting


Some time ago, having a free evening in the capital city, I went to the Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky to try a single cask from Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS). About the Society I wrote in the post of SMWS 73.35 – Aultmore. Here are also SMWS 4.151 – Highland Park, 19.48 – Glen Garioch, 93.38 Glen Scotia on the blog.
It was my first visit to Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky. The place is open to 2200, which is probably unusual for whisky pump room. Inside is not particularly cozy. But the service was very sympathetic. Most importantly, they have single malts from SMWS, but the choice is rather modest, basically a couple of bottles available. Plus a few from other manufacturers.

I started with SMWS 93.52, Wench with a wrench – Glen Scotia. 58,4%, 9 years old, refill ex-bourbon barrel. Obviously single cask, cask strength and natural colour.

C: white wine, straw;

N: at the beginning a fresh blast of alcohol, as it breathes, it gets sweet, vanilla, with caramel, toffee, then peach and apricot, white chocolate, and after a while again, gently teases the nose; here is a flagship scent of vanilla from white American oak, which is characteristic for aging in bourbon barrels, after a certain amount of water it softens, becomes creamy vanilla, somewhere in in the distance I have traces of smoke, burnt sugar, used motor oil and a bit of ash;

T: big, almost numbing sparks on the tongue, right here is a lot of vanilla, fudge and toffee, and for the moment I have even a bit of peat and ash, somewhere between shyly emerges peach and pear, after a certain amount of water, milk chocolate and a lot of bitterness;

F: quite long with a slight bitterness, traces of dried apricot and orange peel.

Score: 85.

warszawska pijalnia whisky

SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky

SMWS 93.52 glen scotia

SMWS 93.52 Glen Scotia Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky

Then I reached for SMWS 33.131, The Mad Scientist on the Dockside – Ardbeg. 61,3%, 7 years old, 2-nd fill ex-sherry butt. Single cask, cask strength and natural colour.

C: amber;

N: quintessence of Islay, beautiful sea peat, seaweed and smoked fish, right next to the hospital and a dentist, where nearby road builders lay asphalt, beautiful, grilled seafood, after a while there is a slight nose irritation, traces of plums, raisins and milk chocolate, then immediately bandages return, with the addition of water I have more bandages, ash and peat, as well as fishing nets;

T: 61,3% ABV, must irritate the tongue, after the first wave of shock I have peat, ash, as well as a touch of plum, with bitter chocolate, after addition of water, with the previous accents, I have grapefruit and ginger, with orange peel, and ume plum;

F: long with ash and peat.

Score: 88.

SMWS 33.131 Ardbeg Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky

SMWS 33.131 Ardbeg Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky

SMWS 33.131 Ardbeg Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky

SMWS 33.131 Ardbeg Warszawska Pijalnia Whisky

When we have a single cask, cask strength whisky, even young, just like here, it can still be very good and give a lot of pleasure. I like naturally presented whisky. It is a pity that the SMWS products are relatively low accessible.

Pałac Kultury i Nauki Warszawa

Pałac Kultury i Nauki Warszawa

Comments (2)

  1. nie lubię pić

    3 February 2015 / 17:56

    Szkoda że nie podałeś cen, pewnie każdy jest ciekawy ile taka przyjemność kosztuje 🙂

    • LukLovesWhisky

      22 February 2015 / 18:29

      Generalnie ceny były całkiem rozsądne, zwłaszcza jak na single cask, cask strength, ale nie pamiętam teraz dokładnie ile.


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