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Nant Whisky Bar

Nant Whisky Bar


Tasmania and Hobart are special places in Australian Whisky World..

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As I wrote before in Lark Distillery Whisky Bar, finding in Australia places specially dedicated to whisky is not easy. But it does not concern to Tasmania, especially its capital Hobart. In the city hotels provide Australian (Tasmanian) whisky and even there are at least two bars worth a visit, just as described earlier Lark Distillery Whisky Bar and Nant Whisky Bar.

Nant Whisky Bar information of stylish stone building

Nant Whisky Bar

Hobart is not a very big town, and both places are spaced about 15 minutes walk away.

Hobart port


Nant Whisky Bar is younger than Lark and offers seats on the sofas and armchairs. Atmosphere here is a little less free, but it is still pleasantly and without obligation.

Very interesting proposition Nant Whisky Bar is set made of three drams – basic expressions Nant Single Malt Whisky, each 4 years old:

  1. American Oak Bourbon Wood, Cask Strenght 63% ABV,
  2. Port Wood, 43% ABV,
  3. Sherry Wood, 43% ABV.
nant bottles

American Oak Bourbon Wood, Cask Strenght 63% ABV, Port Wood, 43% ABV, Sherry Wood, 43% ABV.

Nant inside

Nant Whisky Bar

Bar proudly says that American Oak Bourbon Wood got 95,5 points out of a 100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012 . Obviously scoring is always subjective. Nonetheless this high score is supporting marketing work of the distillery. However, in my opinion they went to far in their aspirations giving extremely high price for the 500 ml of that expression. They priced it on 275 AUD (ab. 900 zł) – a real madness! The other two expressions are also very expensive, althought they are 70% cheaper. I don’t think that any 4 years old whisky would be worth such a price.

nant 3 drams

Three Nant’s Musketeers

The set of three drams was quite reasonable priced and it was worth checking what it all was about.

Nant Whisky Bar taste investigating

Nant Whisky Bar

Every expression has an interesions nose. Definitely stood out the American Oak Bourbon Wood, which was characterized by multiple dimensions. Each took the specific features of their barrels. I took noses positively. But I was disapointed about the taste. There was an alcohol domination, pouring water, especially to 63% ABV version, didn’t help. In every expression whisky is definetely too young, very wild and unbridled. Tasting notes are simillar to drinking perfumes, that’s not very pleasant. Perhaps a few more years in a cask will let it settle down and get nobile tones.

Due to the fact that I tasted it only once I abstained from scoring and giving tasting details.

tasy devil

Tasmanian Devil

The bar is worth visiting, and described set trying, if only to learn something new and probably developing.

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