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I am passionate about single malt whisky. My adventure with this type of drink has started a few years ago, when I got a gift – strongly peated whisky. It was my first conscious malt. Conscious, because when I drank it I knew more or less what is single malt, how it is created and that it’s homeland is Scotland. I opened the bottle and after earlier drunk blends, usually with cola and ice, I was shocked. First of all, the smell was amazing, very intense and reminiscent of hospital cleaners or floor polishes. Likewise strange was the taste, very smoky and full of smoke. It was surprising that it was fit for consumption and to give pleasure. It took some persistence, but during the year I drank this bottle. With every glass I began to see the beauty of this whisky and became increasingly convinced that it is just great. And so it started, I began to slowly fall into more and more. Although, in my opinion, it was not a single malt for beginners, but it became my guide at the entrance to the World of Whisky.

On my blog I would like to share my opinions and experiences gained in the study of the World of Whisky.

Slainte! Na Zdrowie! Cheers!


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